Will Facebook group Ads work for all types of marketing?

Virtual world of advertising:

In the last decade or so, the marketing world has seen a big shift in the way products and services are offered in the markets. Business entities all around the world has been affected by the growing revolution in the sector of information and technology. With internet usage becoming a household necessity, presence of individuals and corporations in the virtual world is becoming unavoidable. Survival of businesses today lies in their online presence and e-commerce practices.

Social Media and Facebook Advertising:

One of the fastest growing technological phenomenon on the virtual world is the social media. What started as a means for friends and family members to remain connected and share information with each other has now become one of the largest marketing place for the business enterprises. Among the top rated and most widely used social media websites in the world, the top slot goes to Facebook and Instagram. After aquiring Instagram by Facebook, Instagram is the one of the fastest growing social media app and over 70% brand of the world already joined there fetching business. For a new person to Instagram, to get trust you need to buy instagram likes and must have some quality followers.

Facebook Group Ads:

Over the years, Facebook Ads has given the business entities several ways and opportunities to market and advertise their products on their websites. Its latest trick towards earning more revenue is the ads to users in the groups. Not available prior to 2016, this is new concept of promoting your products and services to the people that have joined several Facebook groups.

This innovative feature allows the news feed to remain uncluttered but the ads will appear in the same design. The group ads will target using group wise topics and will also initiate identity based target marketing.

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Groups are lucrative Targets:

Groups are a great place on Facebook for people with similar likes and interests. Groups not only provide a platform to share space and information with each other but they can also act like forums for communication and discussions. The types and categories of groups on Facebook are also very large in number.

Group ads good for different Marketing types:

The group ads on Facebook can be used for a variety of business purposes. It allows the companies to reliably enhance their ad targeting skills and hence reach out to a larger group of people with the same types of interest. The ads displayed to them are with high relevance and attractive to catch the attention of group members.

According to experts, Facebook group ads are viable for working for all types of marketing activities. With hundreds of millions of Facebook groups and huge number of users within those groups, it will be somewhat difficult for advertisers to segment them with effective results.

Final Thoughts:

Groups liked by users do not necessarily mean that they are good potential segments for the marketers. What may be more valuable for an advertiser is to know which of the group member’sactive participants in the group activities and discussions are.  This will be a much useful way of marketing your products and services to these users.

Facebook group ads and their relevancy for all types of marketing activities will entirely be dependent on the ways Facebook will allows advertisers to use this approach. The targeting mechanisms and the segmenting option will dictate what marketing types are suitable and which are not.

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