Is WhatsApp status feature better than Snapchat story?

WhatsApp and Snapchat are social media networks which provide communication services to their users. Users use WhatsApp and Snapchat to connect with other people in the world. WhatsApp is a social media network which facilitates users to engage in connection with their fellows through voice calls, video calls and messages. Snapchat is another network to assist users through their multiple functions such as story update.

Social MediaThere are other networks to share your life happenings like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People who think out of the box tend to buy real Instagram followers from and share life happenings in the form of videos and images. However, here you can read some features of WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp offered various services since the beginning. These services are updated with the passage of time. Users can do voice calls, video calls and messages. They can update their status on WhatsApp to share with their fellows and relatives. It has got more than a billion users in this modern era. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced the feature of updating status by posting pictures and videos and sharing with their customized list of relatives and fellows.

Features of Snapchat

Snapchat offers to capture and sending photos. It offers lenses, filters, face swap, filters and many other functions. Users use these features to obtain and update their stories on Snapchat. Several million users install Snapchat and enjoy through different features of Snapchat. It has more interesting filters to capture photos. It has designed various updated features during 2016 on the story and chat has introduced a feature of the search bar on the camera section to provide a window of recent conversation. It is very easy to use for both males and females.

WhatsApp status feature vs. Snapchat story

WhatsApp and Snapchat have introduced the feature of updating activity through situation and story. On WhatsApp, updated status can be seen by your contacts only. You can choose your contacts with which status is shared. It provides you option of sharing status with specific people in the contact list. Also, this status updates disappears after 24 hours.  On the other hand, the Snapchat story is available and shown to everyone on the platform. Users can play with filters and create their unique ideas to share with other people on Snapchat.

Which one is better

It is not easy to answer either WhatsApp status feature, or Snapchat story is better. It depends on the purpose of the user who uses these social media networks. WhatsApp is used by both males and females. They prefer to do voice and video calls with their families and relatives, especially outside the country. Messaging is an oldest and dominant feature of WhatsApp. It had provides status feature earlier just by wording update. But now it has introduced the feature of the status update through videos and photos sharing with fellows and relatives. You can choose people from contact list with which you can share your updated status. On the other hand, Snapchat is dominated by females. Females like to play with filters and create their unique and funny photos more than males. Snapchat story is a feature which helps to update users’ activity.

So, WhatsApp status feature is better than the Snapchat story because it provides more options for users to share their feelings and activities with other people. Also, users of WhatsApp are more than that of Snapchat which indicates people are more attracted toward WhatsApp status feature along with other facilities of messaging and calls.


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