How to spread peace messages through social media?

Social media can be considered as a source of creating peace in society. It can build and destroy any nation across the world. Users of social media determine how they use it for the purpose of spreading peace. It is a powerful source for prevention of conflicts among members of society. Social media does it in different ways. Social media spreads peace messages when users join it for this purpose.

Social media as a nation building source

Social media cause building as well as destroying the nation. It depends on how people use it. If they use it for right work activities, then it builds a nation. On the other hand, wrong doings on social media destroys the nation. Some key factors are involved which determine its efficiency in the building of the nation. These factors may include age, gender, occupation and other demographic factors. For example, users of lower age sometimes do not know for which purpose they should use social media. They use it for wrong activities. Sometimes, bad guys are masters of social media. They destroy the career of children and women due to their wrong activities. On the other hand, social media builds a nation if people use it for their success and development. They may join social media for good work activities such as buying twitter followers and learning and develop skills for their occupational life. They use it for education enhancing their society.


Social media as a source of spreading peace messages

People use social media for communicating with each other and getting help for their problems and also watch wrestling and follow their most dominating superstar all the time.. It spread peace messages to prevent violence against children, women and other helping people in society. In an era of non-technological advancement, members of society needed to take steps to themselves for the creation of peace. They raised their hands for stopping violence and bad activities. For example, before the announcement of official women day on social media, women had to take steps to themselves. They worked a lot to stop violence during their working hours, less payment for their jobs and not providing human rights. But with the introduction of women day on social media channels, women get more rights without raising hands to the extent at which they raise before. Similarly, social media has helped people aware of peaceful society.

Social media networks contribution

For combating terrorism and other bad activities, social media networks played their roles effectively. All social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms contribute for spreading peace messages. Various events are created on these social media networks for the betterment of members of society. Twitter is one of the best platforms at which people gives their point of views and take steps against any violent activity in their society. A huge number of people can stand against these violent activities to spread peace in their society. Users of social media networks have potential to do something against terrorism, bribery and other unlawful activities.

So, social media is a source of spreading peace messages who want to watchwrestling and show their love to superstars of wwe. It helps to develop a society at best possible level. Members of social media can represent nations and government.

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