Digital Marketing Role in Business

Digital marketing has spread exponentially over the years at the same pace as the internet.  The intelligent tactic of advertising businesses and products over a broad expanse that the majority of the world uses is quite an interesting concept and has propelled the growth of small business and large corporations alike.  The growth of social media has also opened up new pathways for companies to spread awareness of their business through matching customers to specific ads.  For example, Facebook will show you ads of companies like Home Depot if you are posting about home projects or tools and “liking” other businesses or products of similar nature.  This tactic is widely used, since it matches consumers to familiar companies, and the idea has become so popular that browsing companies have also borrowed it, adjusting all advertisements based on searches, every time you open up the internet.  This renowned concept, known as search engine optimization, has

Advertising has also extended to the hands of social media users themselves, allowing an opening for job opportunities that consist of simple promotion.  Social media promotion has become all the rage online, especially with interfaces such as Instagram and Twitter.  Users with thousands of followers are paid to simply promote a brand or product they use and are even given codes so the followers can receive some sort of discount if the promoter’s code is used.  Hundreds of companies are advertised online in this fashion, and it certainly stimulates growth, especially with the promo codes available.

I believe through this method of using social media influencers has certainly assisted in digital marketing, appealing to a wide variety of consumers, despite age and gender and interests, and smaller businesses are able to expand and present themselves to a great number of people through social media.  Smaller business, such as the popular brands Colourpop and Teami Blends, grew substantially through Instagram users with thousands of followers, reaching a crowd who is more than likely interested based on the Instagram user.  If one follows an makeup artist on Instagram, it only makes sense to pay them to advertise an aspiring makeup company.

I see this method all the time all over the internet, and with the transition to a digital age, many companies have adapted in order to present themselves to the new market.  This specific strategy of using browsers and social media influencers to appeal to targeted crowds is the best way to advertise either a small business or large corporation.  I have discovered new companies through this method, that I never would have found before, but because of this, it has become easy for frequent internet users like me to discover new brands and learn more information about them, whether it is through a simple ad, as I scroll through Facebook, or if it’s a popular Twitter user who supports that company.

The Internet is definitely changing the game for everyone, and rather than acquiring a newspaper ad or creating posters, Internet browsers and social media are to become the main, ideal marketplaces for advertisement.

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