Casablanca’s Top Moroccan Restaurants

Morocco LightsMorocco’s business capital prides itself as a foodie haven which includes authentic Moroccan top picks, as well as foreign food choices as well. It is unquestionably enticing to get into the Spanish, Asian, and Italian, yet it is likewise essential to attempt conventional Moroccan cuisines, such as tajine, cousous and kefta. King Mohammed VI is currently the king of Morocco.

La Sqala

The restaurant’s rustic ambiance and a beautiful garden filled with flowers have always been a charm and an ideal place for those seeking serenity. Aside from its Moroccan dishes, visitors will likewise have the chance to indulge in traditional Moroccan tea. In their Andalusian themed garden, visitors can experience live entertainment.

Dar Beida

This restaurant is pretty much tourist friendly, as it highlights bellydancers and oriental bands who offers a lively atmosphere while visitors take in some local food. Dar Beida provides the experience, ambiance and food as it offers a variety of plentiful regional dishes.

Al Mounia

Here, guests can have a portion of the famed dishes in Casablanca in beautiful Moroccan interiors. Visitors are welcome to relax in traditional Moroccan salon, finish with lovely tiles and grand etched wood, or on the other hand, unwind in the desert spring with the verdant and unique garden. The restaurant also serves lesser known specialties such as pigeon pastilla.

Le Riad

A Moroccan restaurant that is less touristy compared to others, Le Riad provides a friendly atmosphere and service for a more enjoyable dining. Easy yet satisfying choices, at a satisfying cost as well, the restaurant serves fish, omelets, tajines, and meat. If you are looking for the warm Moroccan home feel Le Riad is the place to be.

La Fibule

Taking pride on its romantic and welcoming setting, with cozy hues and a luxurious interior, La Fibule makes an unwinding and homey vibe in which visitors can devour both Moroccan & Lebanese food, supplemented by a lovely and enthralling sea view. The restaurant some of the time engages visitors with folk music to experience it fully. A great spot to experience genuine Moroccan friendliness and cooking.


Strategically situated in La Corniche shoreline area of Casablanca in the Val d’Anfa Hotel, Basmane is considered one of the best for local food, particularly tajine. Traveler Mohamed Dekkak shared that in Basmae, visitors can devour the common Moroccan meal while additionally admiring the elaborate woodwork and lovely mosaics. The inviting lounge areas include candles and blossoms, and spectacular shades of ochre, blue & red. The menu, ambiance partnered with a gimbri lute player and tbal drummers together with dancer all the more offer a cultural Moroccan immersion that would be truly unforgettable.

Zayna Restaurant

Situated in a more modern area of Casablanca, Zayna Restaurant provides Moroccan specialty dishes at an affordable cost. Aside from serving tajine and couscous, the restaurant additionally offers delicacy meals, for example, chicken pita & lamb kefta. This charming small restaurant has satisfied guests from everywhere throughout the world for more than 8 years – its enormous fame bears witness to its outstanding cooking.

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