15 online marketing trends for 2017

Social MediaWith the discovery of new marketing strategies and processes, business industry is making progress. New marketing trends are emerging with passing years. It is ever growing process because social media is making progress by leaps and bounds. In 2017,following online marketing trends will prevail.


Facebook is social media which is growing fastly day by day and new features make it more helpful for business to grow. In 2017 it will be used as online marketing channel. Another platform is Instagram. People Buy Instagram Followers  to get fame.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is sure to be high in 2017 because of its re-sharing feature. It enables live video interaction with other. In 2017, it will upgrade further by adding more features. So this feature will make online marketing in new ways.

re-sharing feature of live streaming makes it an easy way to create video content. As the name suggests, live streaming enables live interaction, thus better customer relationships. Just shoot it with your phone. No pro-quality needed.

Augmented reality marketing

In Augmented reality(AR), elements of real words are augmented by computer generated sensory input. It will be in the form of sounds, video or graphic data. We can call it as mediated reality. Augmented reality is a new strategy used by companies for their marketing purpose with the combination of print and online advertising. By using Augmented Reality, businesses can take many advantages. For example, customers may upload their own content which will be used to market their desired product to them only.

Mobile Video

In today  world, people use video related features more than audio feature. Now it’s time when people like to share mobile videos with each others. In 2017, this feature will be dominated for the purpose of internet marketing. It reveals from recent searches that more than half of the youtube videos are uploaded from mobile videos. Upload videos on Instagram and Buy Instagram Followers to get viral


In 2017,  we are expecting that chatbot trend will be used excessively for internet marketing. It has been great  bot development in western world recently. This will dominate in 2017 expecting.


In 2017, online media marketing will enable marketers to make customers data personalized.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is combination of several components like tracking the response and testing advertising. Conversion Rate Optimization will be dominant in 2017 in internet marketing world.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is considered as marketing strategy by using mobile technology because it is the age of smartphones. You may consider mobile messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook etc. Business may create connection with their customers by using these mobile technologies and social media sites.

Social beyond Facebook

Facebook is a great source of internet marketing for salesperson. With the passage of time, more social media sites are developing which will enable to attract customers. These social media sites will be dominated in 2017. For example snapchat is getting fame now.

Localized mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is selling the products through mobile devices. Today is the world of smartphones which provides time sensitive and personalized information to customers. Mobile marketing was introduced several years ago. It has changed its features through this time. It will dominate in 2017.

Vertical display videos

Social media sites like facebook, snapchat and youtube have vertical video feature. This is popular in young generation which will be dominated in 2017.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation allows pre designing of actions. it will dominate in 2017.

Wearable technology

wearable technologies are introducing in different brands like textiles, shoes etc. In these industries, marketers find new ways to utilize them.

Behavior-Based personalization

Brands should focus on niche marketing. They should know about their customers closely. Several techniques  and tools to know the customers are using. This provokes behaviour based marketing which will dominate in 2017.

Short-lived content

We live in busy life where brands have to focus on time saving and short content. They must provide sweet and short content to customers. In 2017, this trend will dominate.

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